Traeger Pro Series

Traeger Pro Series

The Pro Series:

  • Digital control
  • 2 meat probes
  • Extra grilling shelf
  • Blue or Bronze color


When it comes to grilling, your fuel flavors your food and cooking over wood just tastes a whole lot better than gas or charcoal.


Traegers can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, ad BBQ everything from a full packer brisket to wood-fired pizza or a freshly-baked apple pie.


No more tending live fires for hours on end, our digitally-controlled grills make setting your grill temperature as easy as setting your kitchen oven.


Traeger grills provide consistent temperatures that allow you to master your cooking and get perfect results, so you can cook with confidence.


Traeger users are passionate about sharing tips, tricks, victories, and learning experiences with fellow users, forming a tight-knit BBQ community.