When and What is an Eggfest?

EggFest is pending for the fall, more information coming later

An Eggfest is a celebration of the Big Green Egg, the “Ultimate Cooking Experience!”  It’s an event in which Eggheads from all over gather to prepare and share their favorite dishes cooked on the Big Green Egg.  They share tips, tricks, and recipes with fellow Eggheads and to those new to the Egg lifestyle.  It is a great opportunity for those interested in a Big Green Egg to see how the Eggs work, talk with the cooks, and sample some mouth-watering creations prepared on the Big Green Egg!  Everyone is welcome!

Demo Eggs

  • • Demo Eggs will be used one time during Eggfest and sold at a Discount.
  • Only 10 Eggfest Demo Eggs are available, so order ASAP!
  • A 50% deposit is required when ordering your Demo Egg- balance is due in full by. *Deposit is Non Refundable
  • All Eggs must be picked up between 
  • Bring 2-4 STRONG HELPERS to load your egg! Pick Up trucks are STRONGLY encouraged! Eggs will still be hot, so plan accordingly.
  • Bring Tie-downs/straps to secure your egg in your vehicle.
  • No returns or refunds on Demo Eggs.
  • All Eggs come with a lifetime limited warranty.
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Eggfest Prices

  • EggFest Package Prices To Be Determined

Package includes

  • Nest
  • Ash Tool 
  • Grill Gripper
  • ConvEGGtor
  • Plate Setter