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5th Annual Rock River Valley Eggfest

Sponsored by Jim Prescott’s Barbecue Shop

Information and Guidelines for Cooks


5th Annual Rock River Valley Eggfest, Sponsored by Jim Prescott’s Barbecue Shop/June 16, 2018

Information and Guidelines for Cooks

*Eggfest Cooks will have a new Egg to cook on during the Eggfest.  Cooks are required to provide all of their own food for cooking (meats, vegetables, fruits, etc) and all supplies used in preparing, cooking and serving their food (tongs, spatulas, pans, knives, cutting boards, platters, thermometers, oven mitts, spices and seasonings, paper plates, napkins, toothpicks, plastic utensils, paper towels, foil, cleaning supplies, etc). If you have any folding tables, they are very helpful to you for prepping and serving.  We do not have refrigeration available, so please plan accordingly and keep your food in coolers on ice.  Please do not plan on preparing foods considered a “long cook” as we have limited time.  It is acceptable to pre-cook long cook items at home and keep warm or reheat to save time on-site.                        

*Jim Prescott’s BBQ Shop WILL provide charcoal & lighter cubes.

*If you think you might need it, BRING IT!

*Plan on preparing enough “tasting portions” for the crowd throughout the day.

*Cooking at our Eggfest is not a competition…just a chance for you “Eggheads” to show off your skills and let others taste how great the food is when it’s cooked on the Big Green Egg!

*As a huge THANK YOU for your time commitment and food contribution, all “head” cooks will receive a thank-you gift, 15% discount on all Eggcessories in our store on the day of the Eggfest, and a great prize in a “cooks-only” drawing.

Schedule of Events

8:00 AM-9:00 AM —Sign in and set up

9:00 AM—Start the Fest!

2:00 PM—Shut down Eggs/Clean up

If you are interested in cooking, please fill out registration form below and return to Jim Prescott’s BBQ Shop via email (jpsbbcue@gmail.com), fax (815)380-2089 or mail/drop it off at the store (1910 E. 4th St., Sterling, IL  61081).  If you have any questions, please call (815) 625-7778.  Please register by June 1,  2018.

Download the Eggfest cook form

Demo egg form

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